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  1. What is the best solution for current India-Pakistan situation?
  2. How is Rahul Gandhi better than Modi?
  3. India vs Pakistan 2017 - Military / Army Comparison
  4. Are Indians proud of Narendra Modi? Why or why not?
  5. Is India really changing under PM Modi?
  6. If undemocratically elected RSS can control BJP, then what is the problem in democratically elected Sonia Gandhi controlling Man
  7. Why is Rahul Gandhi called "PAPPU"?
  8. Which is more responsible for the downfall of Congress, Rahul Gandhi or corruption/scams?
  9. What will it take for Congress to remove Rahul Gandhi from the party?
  10. What has been the greatest achievement of Modi Govt in the last 3 years?
  11. If not Rahul, who do you think the next best candidate to lead Congress in the next general elections?
  12. Do you think EVM's can not be tampered with.....
  13. If you were the PM of India, how would you solve the Kashmir problem ?
  14. What is Modi Govt's biggest achievement till now ?
  15. Do you think the Congress govt. will be able to solve the Drug problem in Punjab ?
  16. Delhi has been such a majestic city to live in. Will it every get back it's glory in terms of the quality of life for it's citiz
  17. Do you think AAP has deviated from the core principles on which the party was formed ?
  18. Will VVIP racicism ever end in India
  19. Do you think the blanket decision of ban on liquor sales within 500 meters of highway is a good decision ?
  20. Rahul Gandhi and Congress call GST Implementation a Tamasha. Rahul ji do you have any other agenda except to oppose the govt ?
  21. Do you think Rajnikant will come into politics soon ?
  22. Do you think the US and India together can challenge China's prowess in the South Asia.
  23. If an ambulance is stopped for a VIP passage and the patient dies due to not reaching on time, should the VIP be prosecuted for
  24. Will the adoption of GST be a smooth ride for most or a bumpy right ?
  25. What do you think has been Modi govt's biggest mistake in the last 3 years of it's rule.
  26. Can you think of any other leader from BJP who can be as good as PM modi ?
  27. Can you see the difference in clealiness around you for the Swach bharat abhiyan cess tax you are paying ?
  28. Have you ever experience the inconvinience of VIP culture also called VIP racisim ?
  29. Which do you think has been the most corrupt political party in the last 50 years ?
  30. What about Rahul Gandhi? Do you think Congress has lost its way?
  31. We are due for elections in 2019 Is there turmoil ahead? What are your views on Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi?
  32. Political chaos in Tamil Nadu, Congress says Modi govt playing ‘dirty game’ ,Do you Agree?
  33. Narendra Modi may not wait till 2019 for General Elections: Will India hold 'dual' polls with states in 2018?
  34. Sikkim stand-off: China says India 'trampled' on Panchsheel pact. Do you agree ?
  35. Is modi responsible for the Deaths due to demonetization ??
  36. Rahul ji is the work of opposition only to oppose for sake of it ?
  37. Do you think this woman officer did anything wrong ? Is this the reward for ensuring law is the same for everyone ?
  38. Nitish Meets Rahul - Will the mahagathbandhan continue to continue or will it split ?
  39. Pakistan wants to poke it's nose...now guess where ?
  40. US blocks $350 million aid to Pakistan...blah blah.blah... Is this too little too late ?
  41. What you say, Rahul Gandhi, you are wrong: Yogi Adityanath Government are imoroving all education in UP State.