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  1. Is GST going to be a smooth rollout ?
  2. Why are people losing Jobs in the once most cherished IT sector?
  3. Which is the best state to live in India and why?
  4. Will the adoption of GST be a smooth ride for most or a bumpy right ?
  5. Do you think rolling out GST is a good decision?
  6. Do you understand how GST will impact you ?
  7. Has globalization failed ?
  8. Do you agree with "Mera Bharat Mahaan" and why ?
  9. Do you think the black money of India which is stashed abroad will every come back ?
  10. How GST will bring benefits for all.
  11. What GST's impact on the common man.
  12. India adopts GST, PM Modi says it’s ‘good and simple tax’ Do You Agree?GSt
  13. Demonitisation and black money...gone or here
  14. Landmark ruling to make looting money by businesses more difficult
  15. Will India get the King of King of good times ?
  16. A Pay gap of 1200 times between CEO's and average staff of the company - Is it right ?