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  1. Salman Khan Sidelines Zhu Zhu For Sohail Khan & Why?
  2. What are the most impactful Bollywood films?
  3. What are some of the strangest facts about famous Indian movies?
  4. What is the cheapest foreign trip from India?
  5. Which , if any is your favourite dialog from any English movie ?
  6. Which , if any is your favourite dialog from any Hindi movie ?
  7. Who is your favourite bollywood male star of all times
  8. Who is your favourite bollywood female star of all times
  9. Salman khan got aquitted in the case where he allegedly ran over people on the footpath while he was drunk and driving. Do you t
  10. Who is the best Actor every in Indian cinema ?
  11. Do you believe that there is a casting couch in Bollywood ?
  12. Do you think the news is the media and manipulated and paid up ?
  13. Who is the greatest Khan of Indian cinema ? Salman, Aamir or Shahrukh ?
  14. Dhinchak Pooja Back With A New Song But Some People Not Falling For It. will her popularity last for long?
  15. Here’s how Deepika Padukone reacted on Ranveer Singh’s Kilt outfit?
  16. Drug scandals in Tollywood