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    Drug scandals in Tollywood

    Drug Scandal Rocks Tollywood: Are Celebrities Soft Targets?

  2. Driverless cars coming to India ?? Not if the govt. can have their way

    Government won't allow driverless cars on Indian roads: Nitin Gadkari...
  3. A Pay gap of 1200 times between CEO's and average staff of the company - Is it right ?

    India Inc pay gap: CEOs earn up to 1,200-times of average staff...
  4. US blocks $350 million aid to Pakistan...blah blah.blah... Is this too little too late ?

    US blocks $350 million aid to Pakistan for not doing enough against Haqqani network...
  5. What an inspiration : Kovind's journey: From a hut with leaking roof to a 340-room residence

    Kovind's journey: From a hut with leaking roof to a 340-room residence...
  6. Pakistan wants to poke it's guess where ?

    Pakistan tries to poke its nose into Doklam

    Pakistan cannot get the act together in...
  7. Nitish Meets Rahul - Will the mahagathbandhan continue to continue or will it split ?

    Nitish Kumar meets Rahul Gandhi amid reports of rift in Grand Alliance...
  8. Jio phone is FREE ...Phone Free....Calling Unlimited....Data cheap...What's in store, India !

    Jio Phone, Free With Rs. 1,500 Deposit, Unlimited 4G Data, Launched by Mukesh Ambani at Reliance AGM...
  9. Indian's Taking GOD's help in getting Visas - The temples that specialize in blessing Visas

    Would your believe this, I've heard of people going to temples when in financial crises, relationship crises, health crises , etc and seeking the blessing of GOD to make things good. But, to go for...
  10. Will India get the King of King of good times ?

    Why dual criminality clause may make Vijay Mallya's extradition difficult...
  11. Landmark ruling to make looting money by businesses more difficult

    Landmark bankruptcy ruling: Loan defaultersí personal wealth can now be auctioned
    Read more at:...
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    Come on Mr. Murthy , let it go

    Context of this comment :
    While I have been a big fan...
  13. Joint families back in fashion in India - Love bonding back or marriage of convinience

    Go through this latest article in TOI :

    Joints families used to be...
  14. Do you think this woman officer did anything wrong ? Is this the reward for ensuring law is the same for everyone ?

    UP woman cop who stood up against BJP leaders, sent 5 to jail transferred...
  15. Is Sports about political boundaries ? What do you think ?

    Read this story titled : India vs Pakistan: MS Dhoni's Photo With Sarfraz Ahmed's Son Proves Sports Is Beyond Boundaries...
  16. Up to 6 lakh IT staff may lose jobs - Is your neck on the line ?

    Up to 6 lakh IT staff may lose jobs

    With the threat of losing jobs in specific types of skills...
  17. Rahul ji is the work of opposition only to oppose for sake of it ?

    Rahul ji, Is your job only to oppose ? Please compare the rule...
  18. What is more addictive ...the TV or your mobile phone ?

    TV or the mobile phone ? Which of these gadgets are you more addicted to ? For me, it is definitely the mobile phone but I dont remember skipping a day when I did not watch TV.
  19. Demonitisation and black money...gone or here

    Do you think demonitisation has eradicated the menace of black money from the system or is the black money economy again back with a bang ?:p:p
  20. Re: Narendra Modi may not wait till 2019 for General Elections: Will India hold 'dual' polls with states in 2018?

    Why do you think Modi wants early elections ?
  21. Is modi responsible for the Deaths due to demonetization ??

    Mamta banerjee says that Modi is responsible for the many deaths that occured due to demonetization ? That's stupid of her...
  22. Poll: Do you believe that there is a casting couch in Bollywood ?

    "Look at these videos: ...
  23. Do you believe that a couple about to get married should have a live in relationship for sometime to get to know each other befo

    Do you believe that a couple about to get married should have a live in relationship for sometime to get to know each other before making them a life partner ?
  24. Which do you think has been the most corrupt political party in the last 50 years ?

    hint : think across all the states. There is tough competition for the winner :-)
  25. What do you think is an important thing that money cannot buy ?

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